Monday, January 13, 2020

Ethics during Change Paper Essay

The purpose of change in the work place is to help motivate the people there and make a difference in the company. Change is needed to make improvements and better things so that a company can move forward and focus on the future. In this paper one will help the reader understand some ethical issues that organizations may face when making changes to their companies. Understanding this will help the reader identify ethical issues with in their own company when implementing change. Companies face many challenges when it comes time for change. However, ethical challenges are more difficult to figure out when it is detected. There may be many ethical issues that companies have to go through, but some are easier to focus on. One major issue can start with self-control. Even though companies have their own set of policies, rules, and other directions all ethical issues are still a problem that management has to handle. It is best that when implementing changes that the employees are still informed with the changes that will be made. Not only will change help motivate but it will also impact the employees on new knowledge within the process of change. Companies want for their employees to have self-control when it comes to making ethical decisions. Change can be overwhelming at times, not only for the people who work within the company, but everyone who plays a part in that company. Even though it can be disruptive it is best to make sure that everyone is involved. Figure out how to change the focus on making it less of a problem. The company needs to plan ahead, so that they will be ready for the different outcomes that come with innovation and change. Companies may want to give their employees a heads up on the process but may not be able to until a certain point of the process is met. Changes will affect the way the employees do their jobs but management needs to speak up so that they do not become a disruption in the change process that they are trying to implement. This can be a down fall for some companies because giving information to soon may affect the process of change. Communication also plays a role in the process of change and dealing with ethics. An open line  of communication is best to help communicate the nee ds and wants for change within that organization. When communicating with the employees and staff this helps build the trust between the two. When companies are not honest and giving the employees the information about the change they are trying to make it makes it difficult for the employees to trust when the change is implemented because they were not aware of what was going on. Not letting the staff know what’s going on can cause problems of trust, how they do their jobs, and the way that they perform. Team work is essential because the ethical behavior to the employees and community can help the business more than they know. Participating in the process of change can help the company see where their future may be when they work for the greater purpose in making these changes. These changes that will be made for companies can benefit everyone in the organization. Rewarding the ones who helped with the change process and treating them in an ethical manner, will bring greater results for them in the long run. Ways to resolve ethical issues can be to educate the employees on a code of ethics and how they want their company to be run. Giving them examples and leading with confidence can help them resolve common ethical dilemmas. Companies need to be clear in what they want and show their employees ethical behavior through their eyes. Let the employees know what is expected when ethical problems appear give them the chance to show them that they know how to handle the situation. Again reward those who make the good ethical decisions. There are plenty of ethical challenges companies will come across throughout time. The way to understand how to address these problems, and each of the different challenges, is to think of the source of the problems and how the company is affected by those results. Companies want to come out on top and show that they are better than their competitors. If an organization focuses on the right things such as ethics and how they run their company they will come out on top. Making sure that all the factors above are address when situations in the change process accrue then they should be able to handle the issues with no problem. Problems accrue when the management is not ethically tr ained and when they don’t know how to focus on the right subjects. All focus during the change process needs to be on the employees and how the change will affect the company.

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