Saturday, February 8, 2020

Web Site Evaluation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Web Site Evaluation Paper - Essay Example The essay "Web Site Evaluation Paper" discovers the evaluation of Forbes website. The website defines the credentials of the author by showing that he was part of the Great Premium Content Experiment at AOL as a media columnist for the business website Daily Finance. As such, he has authority and credibility to author this web page. Moreover, the introductory materials reveal that the author was motivated to publish this information on the web. In fact, the author claims that he would be bored if things were not different which means he is motivated to publish this information on the web. Ultimately, the website provides the contact information of the author by offering his email address, his twitter account, and his Google account, which means that the audience can respond to his works and interact with him freely. The website’s purpose to inform, explain, or persuade is very clear. The title of the website reflects a clear opinion that the website seeks to pass to the target audience. The title, â€Å"Larry Page: Google Should Be Thinking Bigger with Its R&D† reflects a clear purpose to inform, and persuade the audience. Indeed, the site is explicit, as the title leaves no room for confusion or doubt about the author’s point of view. In fact, the website starts by introducing the author’s points of concern, which are some of the blue-sky products that Google is developing now. The website indicates clearly that the author has an affiliation with a specific organization by asserting that Jeff Bercovici is Forbes. staff. It goes ahead to give the organization’s domain as part of the author’s contact information by giving his email as (Bercovici 1). Most of all, the website does not indicate its specific audience since it claims the author covers media, business, entertainment, and technology. We can establish that the topic covered by the website is very clear since it is explicit. However, part of the audience might not know what the initials R&D mean in this context and hence some ambiguity. The website equally uses an easy language to present the relevant information discussing the topic and thus its clarity and effectiveness. Notably, the site exhibits suitable depth and comprehensiveness to fulfill its purpose. To this effect, the website uses relevant information, presents the inner and crucial details of the company in reference, quotes the views of relevant business leaders (Bercovici 1), and integrates all pieces of information to support the author’s view. Indeed, the information presented by the website clearly supports the opinion of the author. It uses historical evidence like when it quotes the example of Google’s massive success in mobile (Bercovici 1). It also quotes the actual words of Google CEO, Larry Page who sought to persuade investors on the viability of the current project. The website clearly states the sources of information and we can indeed ascertain that the information is original. This is because the author uses direct quotes to state what

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